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Pioneers in club Software Solutions, Bistro is one of the leading software in the club industry in operations since 2013 and trusted by more than 25+ prestigious Clubs, the company is recognized by the quality product suite and excellent after-sales support.

There's no denying the fact that IT has played a major role in enhancing and bringing out the best experiences in the club industry.

Its long-term success can be attributed to one important, defining trait that sets it apart from its competitors: simplicity & expertise of domain.

Our software has been developed, based on the input and feedback of our Clients, to manage a broad spectrum of facilities, without making it too complicated for club staff.

The Bistro software solution is a complete club management software solution that is tailored to fit perfectly to drive every clubbing functionality with maximum efficiency.

Let Bistro relieve you of the day-to-day burden and help to get some of the others at your club to do some work for a change!

Club management is where Bistro is a challenge to provide more than just facilities;-

Bistro is about providing a seamless and a memorable experience.

We have extensive experience of what it takes to successfully and efficiently run a volunteer-led club

We have been there and done it. We understand the problems you face. We built Bistro to meet these needs.

Bistro is:

  • Efficient
  • Access Anywhere
  • Save Time
  • Complete Club Management Solution

The Modules of Bistro include:

  • Member's Module
  • Bar Stock Module
  • Dispensing / Main Bar Module
  • Restaurant Module
  • Reception Module
  • Party Booking
  • Data Migration
  • Smart Card Integration
  • Web Based Module
  • Visitor Entry Module
  • Order Taking by Mobile APP
  • Club Mobile APP
  • Guest Entry Module
  • Tally Integration

Web based module with the following features:

  • Member Login
  • Member View information
  • Member bills information
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Member bill Payment module
  • Updations of data back to local server

Our Approach

With over 25+ Clubs, our structured specification and rollout process is tried, tested and proven to minimize inconvenience with rapid and successful project turnaround.

Many of these members use our combined solution to optimize efficiencies, operations, communication and returns.

Meet Our Team of Young and Dynamic Professionals

A new system brings new possibilities. But the main question will always be what will happen to my existing members when I migrate?

Here at Bistro we have an entire support team standing by to help you get started with Bistro with without a hassle.

Our professional development and support team consists of expert programmers who are focused on continually delivering innovative member -centric solutions and a quality service.

If you need support with an issue, the people you talk to here are the same people who developed the technology which ensures you get expert technical advice.

In addition to writing the code for our software, we are also experts in specifying and sourcing the appropriate hardware and equipment to integrate with our offering in delivering an optimal solution to our members.

Our Technical Director, Loveneesh Bansal has over 20+ years experience in the development of club management software solutions.

Bistro Club software (BCS)
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