Bistro Club software (BCS)

Backoffice Management

Backoffice Management
  1. Member Enquiry : This feature allows staff to handle inquiries from club members efficiently. It involves managing member details, memberships, inquiries, and requests, providing personalized assistance, and maintaining communication records.
  2. Room Booking : This functionality enables users to reserve club facilities such as rooms, courts, or event spaces. It includes managing availability, scheduling bookings, sending confirmation notifications, and processing payments if applicable.
  3. Party Booking : Similar to room booking, party booking allows users to reserve spaces for events, parties, or gatherings. It involves managing event details, guest lists, catering requirements, and any additional services needed for the party.
  4. Guest Entry : This involves managing guest information such as names, contact details, preferences, and any special requirements.
  1. Back Office Accounting: This includes financial management tasks such as tracking expenses, revenues, payroll, and generating financial reports.
  2. Food & Beverage Costing: Managing the costs associated with food and beverage items, including procurement, pricing, and inventory management.
  3. Smart Card Issue / Recharge / Block: Implementing a system for issuing, recharging, and blocking smart cards for guests, which may be used for various purposes such as room access, purchases, or loyalty programs.
  4. Integration with Online Reservation: Integrating your back-office system with online reservation platforms to streamline the booking process and ensure accurate availability and pricing information.
  5. Room Display Provision Photo: Displaying photos and descriptions of rooms to assist guests in selecting their accommodations.
  6. Room wise Plan / Package: Offering different plans or packages for rooms, such as bed and breakfast, half-board, or all-inclusive, and managing the associated pricing and inclusions.
  7. Menu Updation for Parties Etc.: Updating menus for events and parties, including catering options and pricing.
  8. Banquets / Halls Display Provision and Create Plan: Providing information and creating plans for banquet halls or event spaces, including layout options, capacities, and pricing.
  9. Check-In & Check-Out of Large Groups with Consolidated Billing: Streamlining the check-in and check-out process for large groups, possibly including features such as group reservations, room assignments, and consolidated billing.
Each of these functionalities contributes to efficient and effective back-office management in the hospitality industry, enhancing guest experiences and optimizing business operations.
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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