Bistro Club software (BCS)

Online Cashless Event

  1. Create About the Agenda of the Event
  2. Add the Menu of Event
  3. Full / Partial / Item wise Cancellation
  4. Without Coupon System use only Smart Card
  5. Time Saving Club Employees and Member
  6. No Fraud
  7. Real Time Track the Profit and Sales
  8. Real Time Track Member in Club
  9. No Hardware Setup
  10. The Time Track Record, Monitor Traffic flow within Event Environments, Cashless Transactions, Individual Tracking, etc. All the Attendees can Freely walk in and out of Sessions without Worried About Being Stopped
  11. Smart Card Access to the Special People or the Authorized Personal only to the Sensitive or the Private Areas in these Events
  12. Event Management can help Exhibitors to Track Stall Sell Activity and Measure Additional Revenue Opportunities
Backoffice Management
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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