Bistro Club software (BCS)

Smart Card Management

  1. Issue -

  2. Issuing or Personalizing the Smart Card for a Smart Card Holder
  3. Register -

  4. Adding a Smart Card to the System
  5. Unregister -

  6. Removing a Smart Card from the System
  7. Recharge -

  8. Secure Pay Through Payment Modes ( Debit Card / Credit Card).
  9. Delete -

  10. Permanently Remove a Smart Card from the System
  11. Lock or Block -

  12. Smart Cardholder will not have Access to the Smart Card
  13. Complete Card, Application and Parameter Management.
  14. Easy Integration with External Interfaces.
  15. Instant Issuance
  16. Member Entry through the Smart Card
  17. Limits Costly Card Replacement
  18. Through the Smart Card we can Control Access of Members
  19. Highly Configurable and Secure System
  20. Strong Identity Verification
  21. Complete Control over Card Features and Flexibility.
  22. Powerful Audit Trails Ensure Data Processing
Backoffice Management
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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