Bistro Club software (BCS)

Bar Management

Backoffice Management
  1. BOT Transaction / BOT Cancellation: Handling transactions made through BOT (Bar on Tab) and managing cancellations if needed.
  2. Items Master and Price List: Maintaining a master list of items available in the bar along with their prices.
  3. BOT Entry: Recording orders and transactions made through the Bar on Tab system.
  4. Interface to Members Master: Integrating with a database of members or regular customers for personalized service and billing.
  5. Cash / Credit Bill Generation: Generating bills for customers, whether they are paying by cash or credit.
  6. Day Begin / Day End Operations: Starting and ending the business day, including tasks like cash reconciliation and reporting.
  7. Automatic Interface to Accounting: Automatically transferring sales and transaction data to the accounting system for financial management.
  1. Bar Inventory Management: Monitoring and managing the inventory of drinks and other items in the bar to ensure availability and prevent stockouts.
  2. Order Entry: Recording orders placed by customers for drinks or other items.
  3. Order Tracking: Tracking the status of orders from placement to fulfillment.
  4. Cashier wise Collection & Settlement: Tracking sales and collections made by individual cashiers for accountability and reporting purposes.
  5. Preventing Theft: Implementing measures to prevent theft or unauthorized access to inventory or cash.
  6. All Location Sale Reports: Generating reports on sales across all bar locations for analysis and decision-making.
  7. Selected Item Report: Generating reports on sales of specific items for insights into popular choices and trends.
  8. Bar POS: Using a Point of Sale system specifically tailored for bar operations.
  9. Table Reservation System: Managing reservations for tables in the bar area.
  10. Real-Time Inventory: Keeping inventory counts updated in real-time to accurately track stock levels.
  11. Customize Orders & Item Modifiers: Allowing customers to customize their orders and add modifiers as needed.
  12. Take Care of Dine-In: Managing orders and service for customers dining in the bar area.
  13. Manage Inventory to Reduce Extra Investment: Optimizing inventory management practices to minimize excess stock and reduce costs.
  14. Order Booking System for Take Away / Dine-In / Home Delivery: Facilitating orders for take-away, dine-in, or home delivery if applicable.
  15. Seamlessly Integrated with Front Office for Billing and Room Billing: Integrating with the front office system for seamless billing and accounting processes, especially in cases where the bar charges may be added to guests' room bills.
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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