Bistro Club software (BCS)

Storehouse Management

  1. Issue to Kitchen Based on Requisition
  2. Per Day wise Consumption Summary
  3. Kitchen Stock Report on Issue / Receipt Basis
  4. Vendor Quotations & Analysis
  5. Purchase Order Generation & Approvals
  6. Good Receipts & Auditing
  7. Stock Ledger & Stock Valuation
  8. Item Consumption Cost Report
  9. Effectively Utilizes and Integrate All Departments
  10. Manage Inventory to Reduce Extra Investment
  11. Makes Data Collected Available for Research Purposes.
  12. Powerful Audit Trails Ensure Data Processing
  13. An Attractive User-Friendly And Easy to Navigate Interface
  14. Manage Multiple Stores Inventory on Max / Min / Re - Order Level Basis.
  15. Simple yet Powerful Parameterization to ensure Security and Efficiency
  16. Generates MIS Reports ( which help the Management in Making Policy Decisions )
Backoffice Management
Bistro Club software (BCS)
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